A Sound Understanding and Experience that Counts

Our awareness about the requirements of Corporate Business Travelers stems from a sound understanding of the airline industry and the relationships that we have established with all of our corporate clients. A decade plus of innovation, customization and dedicated services have helped us to establish ourselves as pioneers in the field.

As our corporate client’s work hard and often work long hours, constantly switching between time zones, climatic conditions and hotel rooms. In such situations, we aim to provide the best for you. We realize that business class seats and facilities provide a better environment for you to relax, unwind and also catch up on much needed rest, automatically increasing your efficiency and productivity.

If you’re still not convinced, listed below are a few other advantages of business class flights:

Larger Seats and Greater Legroom

Being cramped into a seat in economy class is certainly not something you want after a long day of work. With a busy schedule and lots of travel, it is very important that you engage in some kind of movement or stretch out to help you avoid any damage to your health. Business class seats provide exactly what you need by making sure you have plenty of legroom and space to move and stretch.

Wi-Fi Facilities

When you are traveling for work, Wi-Fi becomes a top priority. A Business Class seat ensures that you can easily connect and work on your journey. Many flights provide Wi-Fi as a free facility for business class passengers. This is already a huge saving as the inflight services can often be priced very high.

Added Perks

When you book with us, we understand the value of your time. Apart from the excellent lounge facilities for business class passengers, we can also help to arrange free pick up and drops. There are always some specials added in to make you feel like your investment was worthwhile.