While Packing

Baggage Allowance

Always check very carefully about your both your check-in and carry-on baggage allowance. Though you will not usually require it on a business trip, you always have the option of buying some extra kilos in advance just in case you need to make a purchase for your family or a friend.

Prohibited Items

We often show up at the airport from a busy day at work and forget to empty out a water bottle, leave a battery back in our suitcase or a lighter in our pocket. You should be extra alert as different airlines have different policies. Make sure to ask at the check-in counter and make the necessary adjustments.

At the Airport


Wait patiently for your turn and hand over your identification and confirmed ticket/e-ticket once you are at the counter. If you have any specifications or requests, always ask politely.


Whenever you are taking an international flight, you should keep the required documents ready, it is never a good idea to start shuffling about looking for things when you are up next. Be prepared and be courteous.

Security screening

Remove all the items from your pockets and bags in time and don’t get upset at the staff for doing their job. If you get stressed out and start arguing, airport staff can also red flag you to avoid such situations in the future.

Aircraft etiquette

Make sure you stow away your cabin baggage neatly and make an effort to ensure that you are not disturbing anybody else. Even though you may be preoccupied with work, look around and see if anybody needs help. It’s important to be friendly and caring to all those around us.