Consult with us

It is our prerogative to assist you on how best to optimize your travel plans and work within a set budget. However, while our focus lies on booking and flexibility of airline tickets, we also provide a range of other services on request.

Discounted tickets (40-60%) to the destinations where a corporate flier flies regularly, i.e. if a company employee travels from Atlanta to London 10 times in a year, we will offer discounts on the business class/first class fares that are provided online.

We provide you details on the options available for frequent flier membership programs and help you sign up for the most suitable option for you.

While our focus lies on discounted business or first-class fares, we can also offer our input in other area such as data analysis, account management, guides to planning meetings, strategies and crisis management.

We also consider it our responsibility to augment the safety of your employees, help maximise their productivity and simultaneously work to reduce your company’s expenses.

Feel free to get in touch with our team for any questions, suggestions or advice. Having travelled a significant amount themselves, our agents have a storehouse of information on cultures, cities; their infrastructure and facilities.