Pros and Cons of Business Travel

Some jobs just happen to be high travel occupations and though it is incredibly exciting to be on the move, over time it can take a toll. Jobs like sales, marketing and even consulting need you to make your way between different destinations on a regular basis and if these happen to be your areas of interest, then we aim to ensure that we can help to keep you going.

Just in case you were considering switching your professional role to something that involves more mobility or even if you just wanted to inform yourself, here is a list of pros and cons of Business Travel.


    • Explore with all your expenses covered: It goes without saying that business travel takes you to a range of destinations where you stay at quality hotels and often, you will probably even fly business class. Besides all expenses covered you occasionally even receive per diems to cover day to day expenditures.
    • Frequent Flier Miles: While it’s you company that pays for the tickets, the miles are added to your collection. You can use your miles for free upgrades or sometimes even to make personal journeys.
    • Exposure and Growth: We all know that travel is one of the best ways to learn about the world and ourselves. An opportunity to explore a new place or setting is always beneficial to your personal and professional growth.


    • Unfamiliar Surroundings and People: Being on the move can be great for you but can also have an adverse impact on your professional and personal relationships. Over time unfamiliar spaces and people can also become very exhausting.
    • Mental and Physical Health: It is important to stay active and eat healthy for your physical and mental well-being, but this becomes much harder when you are constantly traveling.
    • Expenditure: Travel is very expensive if you happen to be an independent consultant. In this case, funding regular business trips becomes very stressful.
  • It seems evident that while Business travel is certainly something to be experienced, it needs to be balanced out with some amount of stability and familiarity to really help you enjoy it and make the most of it.