The Importance of Travel security

People are often mistaken about the concept of travel insurance. The world we live in today is a dynamic space that does not always allow for time to prepare for any events and happenings that could occur. Opting for insurance does not mean that you are uncertain about your trip, rather it helps to ensure that your investment is secured in case of an emergency. We cannot rule out the possibility of emergencies, but we can make our choices wisely, factoring in that an emergency may arise.

Generally, the tickets being booked by our experts include the cost for travel insurance but if you wish you can also discuss your preferences with your agent and get the right policy for you. Most insurance policies are design to include the following:

  • 1 year of eligibility
  • Recovery of your losses in expenditure in case of any illness or accidents
  • Facility for emergency medical transportation
  • Cover against cancelled/interrupted trip and lost/stolen baggage

These plans have been put in place to ensure the maximum benefit for all our customers and we certainly advise everyone to opt for the same. While we offer many policies that provide as a hedge against many types of crises, incidents such as a political crisis or civil unrest are not covered under travel insurance.