Who We Are…

Ours is a team of travel experts with a sound understanding of world of business travel. We put our heads together to formulate comprehensive corporate travel plans that are highly optimized and flexible, in order to cater to your every need. Our team is up to date with information on best deals and being seasoned travelers themselves, they are also equipped to offer some great travel tips.

We cherish our interactions with our customers and take great pleasure in understanding their needs. Some of our focus areas as a team are:

  • To look out for the most economical airline fares.
  • To build comprehensive plans ensuring the highest level of flexibility.
  • To help enable stress free travel for all our customers.

Having worked alongside the airline industry for well over a decade we have a set of well-defined values. As a team of travel experts’, the values that we uphold are as follows:

  • To engage in ethical and fair business and trade practices.
  • To build long term relationships of trust.
  • To fulfil our commitments and respect timelines.
  • To carry out continuous research on fares, airlines, destinations, policies.
  • To provide accurate and up to date information to all of our customers.

It is our primary objective to assist all companies who need to send their employees overseas to pursue tasks or activities associated with their work. While 88% of small business owners are believed to enjoy business travel, we aim to ensure that a 100% find it convenient and stress free. We plan and execute bookings involving anything from one-way flights to round the world business travel.