Why Automating the Process Won’t Work

Our professionally customized itineraries are what contribute to making us unique. While you can always use an automated search engine to book your flights, you will definitely need to make a number of compromises along the way. It is quite difficult to know where to look and when. However, with the help of our dedicated agents, we aim to save you the time and effort required to find exactly what you need. Besides this, there are a number of other benefits in booking with us, read on the find out more about them:

Maximum value on Business Class Airfares:

While gourmet meals, great drinks and personalised services are part of the package, we can also help arrange free pick-ups and drops and access to lounge facilities. These can be quite the saving grace when it comes to a hectic schedule and unprecedented changes in plans.

Flexibility in Plans

When you automate the booking process, last minute changes are not entertained without significant costs on your time and pocket. And sometimes, you’ll even find that you have not been updated on the flight schedule well in time. However, we understand the importance of constant updates and reminders and we keep you posted about any changes. In case of a change that doesn’t suit you, we also instantly provide options and other alternatives.

Updates and Information

Besides flight schedules, our team has access to live global alerts about any natural calamities or disasters. We ensure you remain stress free at all times by means of our 24/7 customer care, who will keep you informed and make changes whenever required.

In brief, below are the main reasons that you should consider a travel agent over automated booking engines:

  • travel management will be personalised.
  • you’ll get the best value rates and fares for your budget
  • making business travel more pleasant.
  • Saves money for the company- 50% discounted rates